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Water damage can have a variety of causes and none of them are pleasant, especially for you, the homeowner. When confronting standing or leaking water in your home in Woodland Hills, the first thing you need to do is shut the water off. Of course this is only relevant if you are experiencing a broken, leaking, or burst pipe or plumbing. Once the water is turned off, place a call to a water damage restoration company that operates in Woodland Hills. They will be able to give you some instruction over the phone as to how to next proceed.

If your water damage is more severe, such as flooding from a storm or rising river, you should first evacuate the premises, as this water is contaminated and can cause harm to you and your family. Once you are safely out of your home, now place the call to the water damage restoration company. They will advise you to either remain safely outside of the home, or being mitigation procedures to avoid further damage to your structure.

When water damage strikes, the safety of you and your family should be your top priority. If the water is leaking from your toilet or coming in from the outside, this water may be contaminated and you should be very careful when attempting to resolve the issue. Always wear protective gear, and when in doubt call water damage professionals in Woodland Hills.

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