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Water Damage Mitigation Do's and Don'ts - Downey CA

So you have come home, to Downey from a hard day's work only to discover that your home has flooded. What to do? First, take a deep breath and collect yourself. Running around in a panic is not going to help. After collecting yourself, the first thing you should do is locating the leak and turn the water off at the source. If you can't locate the leak, then turn the water off at the meter. The next thing to do is to call a water damage restoration specialist. We can handle all the paperwork with your insurance company. The last thing you should do before we get there is move any high value items that you wish to minimize damage to away from the damaged areas and off the floor if possible.

Do not attempt to handle the water damage cleanup on your own. There is a reason companies specialize in disaster recovery and mitigation. Mitigation and recovery is a lot more complex than using a shop-vac to vacuum up the water and hoping for the best. Our technicians in Downey who is trained in disaster recovery is trained to handle all the various contingencies that can arise during a recovery/mitigation operation. Mold is another issue that frequently arises from water damage. A mitigation and recovery specialist can minimize the chance that mold appears, and can get rid of mold that has already started to grow.

Following these instructions will help to minimize the impact of a flooding event and help speed up the recovery process.

We have been serving Downey, CA since 1978 and proud of it. Apollo space program was born in Downey and is the home town of Richard and Karen Carpenter.

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