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Water damage Cleanup of Lakewood, CA

On a scale of one to ten, water damage in a home or business hits the mark at an easy three as one of the worst things that can happen; think a hurricane or typhoon. Well that may be an extreme example since those usually only occur in an area like the Pacific Ocean and other coastal waters and less in Lakewood, CA. On the other hand when water damage happens to your home or business no matter how trivial it may seem it can be cause for concern. You know things like a toilet overflow, a basement pipe bursting, heavy rain and storm damage to name a few.

If you're a beneficiary of water damage and planning on a do-it-yourself "cleanup" using a few towels, rags, a mop, and maybe a squeegee, it may look like you covered all the mess, but my friend, you never even came close. What was required is a professional water damage cleanup crew with over 30 years experience who handles water damage restoration for a living; not as a sideline. These folks know where water hides and how the removal process works; you don't. They also know that water damage can cause serious mold problems; you may not know that either.

Your water damage parachute is a licensed and insured companyin Lakewood, CA that can handle the restoration and cleanup, pronto, and work with your insurance company as well as an in house adjuster to insure all the bases are covered when it comes time for a financial settlement.

Lakewood, CA is Pioneer in it own filed- it's the first city to be a "Contract City" and our team is proud of being a part of it.

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